Internal/Stand Alone ATM

This type of ATM is designed to be in an interior location, such as a lobby, mall, and/or retail store. A lighted sign may be placed in a visible location to ensure all possible customers are aware of the convenience of the ATM inside. Additionally, the ATMs can be customized to include wraps and/or toppers to help attract consumers.

We will work with you determine the best positioning of the ATM as well as the type of ATM model to be installed. Likely the ATM will be positioned in the very front of the your location and will be one of our financial grade ATMs.

            Types of locations:
                  • Malls and Shopping Centers
                  • Gas Station, C-Store or Truck Stops
                  • Grocery Stores
                  • Hotels
                  • Casinos and Bingo Halls
                  • Amusement Parks
                  • College / University Locations
                  • Hospitals
                  • Special Events (Festivals, Concerts)
                  • Any location with heavy foot traffic

For the business owner or Financial Institution who wants an ATM without the headaches of managing its operation, Sharenet has a complete turn-key placement program, all you need to do is supply space and power; Sharenet will do the rest.