Private Branding

Advertising made "Simple"
It's simple - people want quick, easy access to their money. They want convenience without the costs. The accessibility you provide is an important tool to help secure new accounts and increase loyalty of your existing customers. To do this, we make marketing at the ATM easy. We help you reach customers by creating increased awareness and market penetration through ATM branding.

What exactly is "Branding"?
It's a cost effective way for you to put your logo and design on ATMs in the areas you currently operate or areas you would like to expand. We work with you to create a customized wrap with your logo and design to be placed around the ATM. Your brand will be seen by countless individuals throughout the day, many of which can be your new customer. ATM advertising is 65 percent less expensive and 200 percent more effective than direct mail (Networld Media Group).

Why Brand your ATM?
Increase Awareness
A branded ATM stands out in the general marketplace. Studies show a machine branded by a financial institution instills confidence in consumers as they feel the machine is more reliable. A branded ATM becomes a billboard for your institution.

Attract New Customers
97% of consumers view convenient ATM access as critical to their choice of financial institutions (Visa). The more accessible your instituion is, the more likely a customer will sign on with your group.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solution
New ATM hardware, location rentals and services can be expensive and time consuming. Our branding and hosting programs take the stress and headaches away providing you with one low monthly fee.