Financial ATM Management Provider

In cooperation with Sharenet, Inc. you can now provide low cost, or even no cost ATMs to your members. By forming alliances with you, our customer, Sharenet can work to reduce your current and future costs. Sharenet's network of customers has created a larger collective buying power to obtain volume pricing on transactions, equipment, supplies and services. This has allowed us the opportunity to bring low-cost ATM services directly to you.

We know owning an ATM can be an overwhelming task, from cash replenishment, servicing and repairs, processing transactions and upgrading software; it's a lot to handle. Sharenet allows you to refocus your staff's time to providing exceptional service for your customers, which is what a credit union is all about. When you partner with Sharenet to host an ATM at your business location or one of our high volume retailers, you eliminate having to handle the complexity of managing the process associated with this type of service. Its an opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits of an ATM without the responsibility of all the coordination between third party vendors, day-to-day details, and other issues that inevitably arise.

ATMs are more than just a convenience for your customers. They have become a service that can greatly benefit your business.

Sharenet has teamed with Fiserv, a national business leader in electronic switching to drive your ATMs. We have also partnered with the world leader in ATMs, Diebold. With these partners, we have developed a new and innovative ATM offering for your financial group.

Learn more about Sharenet by watching this video below.