What is ATM Hosting? ATM Hosting is simple. You allow us to put an ATM at your location and we take care of the rest. From installation, to maintenance, to cash filling, to processing.... we do it all. You simply receive a monthly transaction summary showing the transaction volumes at each machine and receive a credit for the surcharge transactions that take place at that ATM.

Benefits of Hosting an ATM
      1. Builds Traffic and Sales - we drive new and existing customers to your location
          as they recognize the convenience of your site, which in turn means more foot
          traffic and more revenue.
      2. Decreased credit card expense - by encouraging cash payments you can save
          money on the typical merchant fees and at the same reduce checkout times.
      3. Surcharge Revenue - you receive income on each surcharge transaction.
      4. Remove the Regulation Hassle - we only use financial grade ATMs that meet all
          regulatory requirements, therefore, removing this burden for you.
      5. Advantage over your competition - ATM users want convenience, if you have what
          they need they will choose your store.

Why Sharenet?
Our company has a unique structure that allows you to recognize many benefits. We pioneered the ATM Network to fill a growing need for financial institutions and their members. We provide convenient, easy, and cost effective ATM solutions for organizations and create a surcharge-free ATM network for financial institution members.

It's simple, Sharenet drives customers to your stores. We have a large, loyal base of customers with reputable financial institutions throughout the area and these customers can now become yours.

Types of Hosted ATMs
Internal/Stand Alone ATM
This type of ATM is designed to be in an interior location, such as a lobby, mall, and/or retail store. A lighted sign may be placed in a visible location to ensure all possible customers are aware of the convenience of the ATM inside. Additionally, the ATMs can be customized to include wraps and/or toppers to help attract consumers.

Drive Up ATM
Drive up ATMs typically have higher usage than standalone interior ATMs and have a high visibility to consumers. Depending on the type of location you have, the best option for your customers may be a drive up ATM. All drive up ATMs are heated, cooled and insulated.

Blue Box
This is a new, revolutionary ATM model created by Sharenet to allow even more convenience for your customers. This ATM is an external walk-up unit, its placement outdoors helps ensure every person walking or driving will see and recognize the ATM. The design of the ATM "box" is intended to make the ATM easily visible with a sleek, professional design. It will create recognition among customers; they will look for your host site and the known "blue box" the next time they need to use an ATM in the area.