Say It All: Developing the Right ATM Wrap

Posted on February 28th, 2015

Sharenet ATM Wrap

Most financial institutions have heard about the benefits of ATM wraps. They can help protect the façade of the ATM and are proven to increase transaction volume – leading to increased brand exposure. But many institutions are unaware of their options when it comes to ATM wraps.

Type of Wrap

ATM wraps are no longer just full color stickers placed on the ATM nor are they made from the same materials used to wrap vehicles…and the differentiation goes beyond selecting a glossy or matte finish. There are wraps designed for the most delicate plastic façade of the ATM, plastic shields to protect the screen and keypad, and durable wraps and for heavily used and outdoor ATMs. There are even magnetic wraps!

Selecting a type of wrap should be based on the individual aspects of each ATM. Where it is located, the transaction volume and placement of the machine are big factors in the decision. An outdoor ATM requires a tougher wrap and perhaps a plastic shield to cover the screen and keypad to prevent it from becoming damaged by harsh weather, whereas an indoor machine may require a bright, glossy finish to make it stand out.

Picking the Design

Many financial institutions see their logo as their brand and design specifically to showcase their name. When it comes to design, however, it is better to strike a balance between logo, marketing message and what draws the human eye. Here are some things to consider when creating an ATM wrap:

  • Human eyes are drawn to faces. People and animals are especially effective.
  • White makes things pop. The “girl in red” from Schindler’s List draws attention not because she is wearing red…but because she is the only one wearing colorful clothes. The human eye is drawn to white space, making anything within that area stand out and become more memorable.
  • ATMs are billboards. You will get more out of your ATM wrap if you treat it like you would treat any other marketing venue. What type of message would you put on a long-standing billboard?
  • Where is the ATM located? Location marketing is all the rage right now. But ATMs have provided the opportunity for a very physical, location-based message for years. 

For financial institutions, the ATM is a remote branch and, as such, should fully represent the brand message in their level of service as well as presentation. The type of wrap used and overall design are a big part of keeping the brand message and marketing strategy fully represented in the field. The right ATM wrap can make a huge difference – the difference between “memorable” and “just another self-service machine.”

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