3 Keys to Effective ATM Topper Marketing

Posted on February 1st, 2015

ATM Topper, English

Long gone are the days of simple television, radio and print advertising. Nowadays marketing is, quite literally, everywhere. As consumers increasingly cut out cable and eschew paper publications, brands are being forced to think more creatively. They have begun placing messaging on cars and trucks, creating dynamic video displays in stores and running ads on social media. They are moving advertising to where the consumer resides and interacts.

So where do account holders interact with financial institutions? Branches, websites, social media, mobile applications, debit cards, credit cards…and the ATM. These arenas are a financial institution’s bread and butter, with social media and ATMs arguably the most prominent venue for creating brand awareness and attracting new account holders.

Generating brand identity and awareness at the ATM is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to expand advertising for a bank or credit union. And the ATM topper signage is the perfect place to start concentrating your efforts.

Here are three techniques to more effective ATM topper signage marketing.

  1. Be seen from all angles. Bigger is better when it comes to ATM toppers. You want your brand to be easily recognized from as far away as possible. But don’t just concentrate on size. Make sure your topper is colorful and interesting, catching the consumers eye even when only caught in their peripheral vision. For added effect, select a multi-sided topper.
  1. Motion pulls the eye. With video topper options becoming so much more affordable, it is a good idea to at least consider the possibility of video advertising, with or without sound. Display your latest commercials and offers or simply focus on visuals that effectively communicate your brand. Either way, you are certain to attract more attention.
  1. Change it up. Human brains make note of new things. While you want your brand to be familiar, you don’t want it to become stale. Creating a schedule and budget for switching out topper graphics can keep you ahead of the game when it comes to fresh visuals and continued recognition. Even once a year can make a big difference in keeping your financial institution top of mind.

ATM toppers help draw card holders to the ATM and are very important in raising awareness of the machine’s location. But they also create a greater sense of ease with consumers, who are proven to be more wary of unaffiliated ATMs. Utilizing just one of these tips give you a boost with brand awareness you are unlikely to see with many of the more “traditional” marketing channels.

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