ATM Participation

Surcharge free networks that provide access to ATMs where your customers live, work and shop. Some surcharge free networks require you to pay for thousands of ATMs when your customers are only using them less than 1% of the time. Additionally, many of the other surcharge free network ATMs are in competitors branch locations.

Other networks charge you whether you use the machines or not and do not provide you with transaction volumes at any given location (you never know if the ATMs are even being used). Sharenet provides surcharge free ATMs at non branch locations in your members hometown. Sharenet ATM's are located at secure and safe sites ... Walgreens, Kinney Drugs, malls, larger convenience stores, and many others.

      • We provide detailed transaction volumes so you can see where & how
         much each ATM is being used by your customers.
      • Our program charges you for what you use and a minimal monthly charge
         for support.
      • ATMs located at retail "neutral" locations.
      • Your local branch ATMs do not participate in our surcharge free network.
      • Quick and easy way to expand the number of ATMs available surcharge
         free to your members.
      • Only financial level ATMs used at our locations